Corunna Systems Ltd offers customers a full range of services based on our knowledge and experience of developing complete Internet solutions for a variety of clients.

These services include:-

  • Consultancy
  • System Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • System Management
  • Barcode Scanning system development and procurement

Some of the bespoke systems we have developed for clients include:-

  • A complete Supply Chain solution (since included as a service)
  • A Requisitions to Order Processing system
  • A Warehouse Stock Control System
  • A Field Asset Control system
  • A Field Repair Monitoring system

In addition we offer a number of our developments for use as a service with the customer paying a small monthly charge. These include:-


Supply chain
information system
Provides detail at purchase order and stock item level to all authorised parties in the supply chain. (Please call for a private demonstration)
Shipment tracking system Developed to provide shipment tracking information for logistics organisations.

Small parcel tracking system

Designed to suit the needs of courier and small parcel operators.

For a demonstration click on the "Small parcel tracking system" link. Type in demo as user id and password. In the query screen enter 01-jan-00 in the "Booked between" field. Detailed shipment information is displayed.

Go back to the login screen and type airwaybill number 301675 in the "AWB" field. Summarised information for this shipment is displayed.